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Massive Dosing - the LSD Thumbprint

Honestly, I had no idea that such massive doses of LSD had been used. I came across a thread describing a "thumbprint" of LSD, a dose based on sticking one's thumb into pure LSD powder and licking it off, an amount equivalent to hundreds of doses, several milligrams of pure LSD (old school doses were typically 100 micrograms, sometimes only 20-50 mcg these days). Several people on the thread had supposedly taken this dose, typically described as an initiation of trust into the family of folks who lovingly supply LSD to the clan of deadheads, rainbow gatherings, etc.

[EDIT - just to be on the safe side, please understand that I'm not recommending this to anyone.  Just sharing interesting info from the thread linked above.  Personally, I'm a fan of small safe, reasonable doses.  Also, although I can't point to any super hard data, for whatever reason it seems that reports of long term problems seem to come more from LSD users, possibly DMT users, but not so much, if any, from mushroom (psilocybin) users]

What follows is a substantial amount of selected quotes from several people, mainly two individuals. [note that 1 mg = 1000 mcg]:

What's it like? - It's not possible to describe what it's like. Except maybe DEATH.

What did you see? - ALL

What did you do? - My body did nothing, but lay down. I was no more, just ALL

Eating LSD crystal is intense, magical, crazy and the ULTIMATE ACT OF SUBMISSION TO THE PSYCHEDELIC STATE

You feel it almost instantly. LSD crystal has an energy to it. Having a jar of it in my pocket is enough to alter my consciousness. As soon as it touches your skin or goes in your mouth you can feel it. A lot of folks will throw up within minutes. This is an exorcism of sorts. Like all the negative energy being cast out of your body. Then you lay down and learn. As for the experience I just couldn't do it justice to describe it. You're never the same again. A thumbprint doesn't open the door of perception it blows it off the hinges. You melt into eternity. You let go and die into the moment which is all. There is no you anymore only all. The intensity of this can't be described, but you realize as you're slipping away that it's familiar. This is because it becomes quite clear this is exactly what happens when you die. After an eternity you slowly start to come back in pieces. You feel reborn and a completely different person. You don't ever come completely down or back. This isn't a bad thing, but it's very scary at first.

It is hard to describe a thumbprint. Human language cannot describe an experience that encompasses all of life. Every cell of every creature or living thing that ever lived or will live is connected by the energy or light. When we die our body and our ego is gone. We become one with eternity or the light or God or whatever name you wish to call it. A thumbprint allows this to happen and return to our physical body. My first print I laid down and quickly realized that this was my actual death. You watch the whole process unfold with complete awareness. I didn't cling to my body I just realized my life had passed. As I was spiraling up or out I saw my life evolve through the years I lived. The happiness, the sadness, the people I loved and the people I didn't. The joy that I gave and the pain that I caused. I saw the true nature of reality and why things were the way they were. As I got higher I saw the nature of reality on the cosmic scale and saw that the reason for our evolution was to experience love. To love is to have experienced the finest of life. Then came the moment were it was time to let go. As I did it came for me and I sobbed uncontrollably for I realized that the light or energy we call god or creation was perfect. It was pure unconditional love.

What else could god have been I realized. That glint of innocent perfection in a baby's eye. The light was pure as the heart of Jesus Christ. I dissolved into it and died. Since there was no me only the all, I cannot remember the rest because there was no me to remember. After forever I slowly descended into my body. I spent days awake afterwards talking to myself. I vowed to god to spread LSD so others could see the light. I vowed to look at every person as the lord and treat them as such. I was reborn and continue to live by the values I learned.

LSD is a direct message from God. Period. I don't think we get another chance. We can love each other or we can kill each other, but it is up to us.

I feel high all the time still and it's been years.

I must stress that I was in the company of very evolved and older people that made sure my experiences were optimal. These were kind old spirits that had been where I was going many years before and many times. They held me as a baby every inch of the way.

You have heard of near death experiences right. A thumbprint is a beyond death experience.

It is something one cannot just "decide to do one day" and EVERYONE I know who has done it has had a pretty high LSD tolerance and experience level. It is more a symbol of trust than key to enlightenment as the experience is completely overwhelming and memory is scrambled between acid dream and "reality" with most of it blank. I had persistent imagery for several months and for the following week felt "rode hard and put away wet".

When I showed up at the trailer he had a funny grin on his face and he said "I hope you don't have plans." We went in and his old lady was there, unusual, and she was holding a small watch glass with the crystal spice in it. She said "honey it is time to grow up". They then told me to stick in my thumb and press. By then I was nervously curious and my hands were sweaty so I pulled my thumb free with a generous coating on it. I looked at it and I swear I could feel it starting then I stuck my thumb in my mouth and let go. The first hour or so I think I was in and out of the world then "I" just disappeared for eternity. IMO part of me still is there.

I am facing death due to a botched angiogram and I know I will meet with the part of me which rides the eternal winds when my time is over. I know that death is a mere transition, I know this because I died that day in late '78 and arose again reborn. My priorities of life were refocused and I have been working to integrate the new paradigm of being which was created by that day every since. I think if a lesson or enlightenment came from this it is that I consciously participate in my life to a much greater degree. This is not the "easy' way to live in a world of injustice and cruelty. I have been forced to accept the balance of positive and negative without imposing my own desire.

And I still must struggle mightily to integrate and exist in this society. My friends old lady said it was time to grow up but she did not say I would outgrow myself. I have absolutely NO regrets although the changes in my mind and thought process have made interfacing with traditional thinking a challenge.

Like China said every day I know I 'thumbprinted" but the funny thing is no matter how you rewire your brain life still brings the same challenges. I still have to stuggle with the challenges but I believe that I may have somewhat more novel solutions to some things than some others, but all in all I am remarkably Ward Cleaver considering.

One last thing, I have experienced literal death (heart stopped) and the irresistibility of death and strong psychedelic experience are quite similar. In Death one realizes the ineffable nature of the experience and resisting is futile, much like resisting a thumbprint, it is just NOT possible.

There is a massive difference between 500mcg and a thumbprint. They're not even comparable trips. As for saturation effect this is from medical research in the 50's comparing doses of LSD. There may not be a noticeable difference between 1000 and 2000 mcg. There is a huge difference between 1000 mcg and 40 or 50 mg. Of course the researchers never ventured into this dosage range.

Usually the person is deemed ready by those who can tell. They are taken care of before and after the print by the family, this may take up to a week before you're functioning again. Sometimes skeptics are printed, but their reactions are usually very, very shattering. It's hard when your whole belief system explodes and the truth is revealed. You basically have to start from scratch. All those years you thought you knew the truth and God, then in a matter of minutes you find you didn't know shit, then you die.

It's affected me on so many different levels. Mentally it has changed my whole outlook on life and my perception of the world. Spiritually it has given me the absolute faith in eternity that can only be had from being eternity. My philosophies are all based on my experiences. I no longer see the world as a bunch of separate species and things, but a connected matrix of biology and energy that flows to and from a core that is the pure light of unconditional love. Physically it's affected me in that you never come back down completely. But why would you anyway? You can't look at the truth and then pretend you didn't see it and that it doesn't exist. A thumbprint is a life long commitment. As for visual activity, it's constant. But I hardly notice it anymore. Eternity is in the here an now. So is my life, so they constantly flow together or against each other. Meditation is key for me now.
I no longer consider my physical reality my true reality.

I guess you could sum it up as Robert Hunter did after his night of 250,000 mcg, "I died 1000 deaths." That's what it really is, death. Most people live their lives unsure about what happens when we die. Even the most devoutly religious have anxiety about the big moment. I don't, I welcome it. That's how it's changed me.

The 50-500 mcg range will saturate the serotonin system however LSD also affects other receptors like dopamine and noradrenaline to a lesser degree, at ultradoses these effects come more strongly into play negating the plateau effect. The difference between 500 mcgs and 10000+ is incomparable as is the mode of ingestion. The change begins as the crystals melt on your tongue and is totally unlike eating a pile of pre-layed paper [blotter]. One senses his imminent ego death coming as the crystals are absorbed into the tongue. The knowledge that you are totally in the care of family is what one clings to as long as concepts such as family contain meaning then one is simply ... gone. When awareness returns it is changed and IMO forever. I have to laugh when Ram Dass says he "came down" - returning to sobriety is not the same as being unchanged. One does come down from a print but NOT UNCHANGED. I have had the privilege of speaking with Ram Dass on several occasions and to this older tripper his "mark" is as clear as if it were painted upon his forehead.

It's a feeling of energy. You feel it instantly. Especially after your first one. Your nervous system jolts to attention as if to say, "here we go."

On a thumbprint size dosage you no longer have any beliefs. There is no you. Reactions can vary on the way up, but soon all your beliefs, attitudes and perceptions completely vaporize along with physical reality. None of it survives a print. There is no I anymore only ALL. Afterwards your beliefs are very different or they may be similar if your beliefs were close to the truth to begin with.

People can bullshit their way through a lot of intense psychedelic experiences. Somehow they can hold onto their twisted ego games sometimes. On a thumbprint that's not even a possibility. You can't bullshit Eternity when it's blasting you to pieces. The more you try to hold on the quicker and harder it burns you. You dissolve and dissolve till there's no you left to hold on.

On a print you can go quietly and easily or you can go kicking and screaming, but you are going to go no matter what.

The thing about thumbprints is that after the first hour there is no you to create fear or trick your body into shutting down. We have taken BP and pulse of people on thumbprint size doses before and there is a slightly elevated BP and heart rate, but not too extreme. These were experienced people though, and there was no fear involved.

We can only speculate as to these hypothesis, as no studies will ever be done. The fact that these doses are usually only done by people ready for them greatly helps that there are so little negative outcomes. That's why I believe prints should be done in the mountains with family and not in a hospital like a lab rat.

One thing I have noticed is at print doses after the first hour when you have been vaporized and are completely gone breathing seems to stabilize. Before that the anxiety and fear have folks breathing like they're in a marathon. After they have let go though it seems that the body continues to function quite normally while there away. It's that first hour that's so traumatic.

There could be a dosage range though that can cause physiological harm. We don't know it and we never will, and people have survived more than a gram [that would be 10,000 x 100 mcg doses].

On a normal large dose of LSD there is the high visual activity, sensory alteration, synesthesia, ego loss, etc, etc. On a thumbprint it feels like you completely short circuit your brain. All cognitive function stops. Like pouring water on a breaker panel it pops, then all connections and activity are fried. The cognitive filter is shut off and eternity is able to creep in. Obviously all brain activity doesn't stop because you keep breathing and your heart keeps pumping. The brain stem, hindbrain, medulla, pons and cerebellum are probably not affected.

Just wanted to say again, this was a collection of quotes from a long thread in a forum on another site.  So the authors of those quotes are not here, although you are welcome to comment.  Thanks.


  1. Just reading things like this online gives me a kind of private satisfaction. Most of the people in my life are so far removed from or in denial of the psychedelic experience that I could not even begin to share my views with them. Because of this I tend to come across as a polite, patient, averagely humorous guy without much to say (at least not about the game last Sunday or the latest reality TV show everybody's talking about). I've learned to hold my tongue depending on the group I'm with, because when I get to talking about "reality" or the Universe or what have you (I could be talking about anything really as my outlooks tend to permeate through and interconnect with almost everything that goes on), people tend to shut off and turn away. They'd rather talk about sports or cable TV and aren't at all interested in the "hippie musings" of a guy who's been to the edge and back. So I play along. I enjoy other people's presences and therefore I don't know what else to do. Alienation never suited me. Like you said, once you see truth, you can't pretend you didn't just see it. But when all is said and done, life keeps throwing the same challenges my way and I'm forced to adapt to the material world of bank accounts, personal relations and culture. I know one day "I'll" be free, but it may not be until "I" ceases to be. I've accepted that, but I still get nostalgic and impatient with anticipation for the complete unconditional love and oneness that I've experienced and will experience again.

    1. I cannot find the words, I could not have put it better myself, you words ring so true to me. You just summarize my life, we are the same. mind blown.

    2. Those post resonates with me very deeply! All the small talk with friends about who won the game or how hot an actress is.. is mind numbing. Luckily I have a couple people that are on the same psychological level as I am and we tend to have great inspiring conversations.

    3. yeah I just try to enjoy it and stay in the moment with that type of talk, but it is very bland/repetitive/meaningless in comparison to talking about something real. You can really only hit off those types of conversations/connections with people who've shared same/similar experiences. You can only understand through experience. Experiencing eternity, experiencing oneness, etc..

  2. As another who has thumbprinted, I have to agree with your assessment of the situation mostly. I get the impression from reading this that you've done it more than once - I have only done it once.

    In terms of the initial experience, you've nailed it pretty well - you go from 'me doing a print' to ALL very very quickly. From that point on, time is pretty meaningless; at least until you start to feel the familiar 'waves' of merely high-dosage trips. For me, it was somewhere in the 3 to 5 day range before I really started to associate my experience with my body and surroundings again. Even at this point, those associations coincided with the ebb of the waves, and the crests might last for 4 to 18 hours. It's after this phase that your description doesn't quite match up with my experience.

    The cresting/waving phase lasted for somewhere around 3-4 months, with less and less intensity over time. I became more aware of 'me' prolonging the crests of the waves around the 3 month point, which was about the end of the uncontrollable phase. The connection with eternity didn't really wane at this point, but a connection to temporality/mortality started to re-appear. Visuals either slowly subsided or got subconsciously incorporated to the point that they were no longer notable. At this 3-4 month phase, "I" existed again - as a conscious and willful entity that "I" neither conjured nor controlled. It was this re-emergence that has stuck with me so long.... the realization that "I" come inevitably and uncontrollably from the eternal yet still belong to it.

    As far as psychedelic effects are concerned, I can't even tell you if I have them anymore or not (it's been ~20 years since my thumbprint). I know I get really dizzy sometimes when I take a good shit, and there's sometimes when the whole atmosphere buzzes like a bug zapper tossed into a cloud of gnats (think ...zzzzzZZZZZzzzzzzZZZZZ.... not SNAP SNAP) sonically, not visually.

  3. This made me cry. honest. beautiful.

    1. Me too. However, I am not brave enough to try this, as tempting as it sounds. How does the DMT experience compare to a thumbprint?

    2. Having not done a thumb print, but having done DMT,the experience seems to be similar- although DMT if anything sounds less intense and is of course far shorter in tame scale (30 mins or so). This reads like an ayehuasca trip.

  4. These are truly incredible descriptions... Thanks everyone for sharing! I used to take milligram doses regularly- my record is 1600ug- but despite the total loss of ego and intermittent immersion in eternity, there are still long moments of being in the body, rolling around, remembering to drink water, even some clumsy attempts at scribbling short notes. This sounds so many orders of magnitude beyond that- most notably that total surrender of control. I'd take a milligram dose by myself, but you definitely need a sitter around if you're serious about being completely gone for days on end.

    That's an interesting comment about the visuals not necessarily going away, but being incorporated to the extent that they become the new normal. I've wondered if perhaps the open eye visuals- which to me always seem to demonstrate some higher order of organization in the chaotic world around us- don't somehow represent the gulf between what we understand and what is actually the truth, in a way that a person with flawless understanding would not actually experience OEVs at all. So that months-long comedown represents a vast amount of integration. I can't even imagine.

    But it sure is neat to read about it. Thank you all.

    1. Wow. Your ideas about oev's and their relation to the "truth" is one of the more intriguing things I've ever considered, however hypothetical it may be.

    2. I just miss it so much.

    3. Or its Hallucinogen Perception Disorder, caused by damage of psychedelics on brain receptors.

    4. What, are you blaspheming the god of LSD? :) Really, it sounds to me like a poorly processed high level shamanic or kundalini experience. The thing I'm curious about is why, whether a person trips on Jesus of LSD, do they seem to come across as being "superior" to people who don't? Anybody got any clues to that?

    5. Because they feel that being different either makes you superior or inferior, and no one chooses inferior...

  5. "You can't bullshit Eternity when it's blasting you to pieces." This description made my heart start to pound. I liked this.

  6. If I had to guess, I'd imagine the difference between reality and visual perception to be a loosely strung series of optical illusions bound and verified by a coherent story. Evolved as it has, our visual system has accumulated numerous cooperative systems to inform us what a visual scene before us looks like. It's basically standard issue hardware on primates / vertabrates / animals / whatever you want to call us. True distortions upon reality are highly, *highly* subjective, as we are taught to see things in a certain way for our own good and other reasons....

    perhaps we have some kind of feedback system which counts the amount of information or busyness or entropy which is present before us and adjusts our perception accordingly in order to preserve our well-being.... perhaps when the amount of information-construction-processing which takes place at any given moment is allowed to temporarily break the speed limit and let a little extra in, our conceptions of reality may be reconstructed, as our perception is briefly set to absorb extra information.

    concepts that didn't make any sense suddenly begin to make sense upon meditating before them. The quest for solidity re-teaches how to sense whether an object is solid. This reorganization of perception explains why some things are beautiful. I could go on and on.

  7. It almost feels as if I got a contact high from reading this.

    1. Exactly! Very well written and descriptive. The blog owner and the commenters with these experiences should get together and write a book.

    2. I've seen a documentary about 1960's LSD dosing, was only slightly accurate by my standards. I've only dosed twice myself, and all I can say is anyone who brings hate about the subject obviously hasn't tried it or is too zoned into society's little game to fully comprehend the difference between the fourth dimension we all see, and the flat drone of everyday life they stick to.

  8. This isn't a trip. This is an initiation rite.

  9. Since my first visual experience, I simply thought visuals were a "malfunction" within the eye. They're more visible in the dark at low dosage, so perhaps the visuals are just the method by which the optical nerve is organized, revealed by receptor imbalance. The controls signals between nerves overflowing into visual output from the nerve. It's like seeing the orchestra of how your eye actually perceives, rather than what it's percieving.

    After all, little of the information (visual content) that's picked up by the sum of all nerves gets to the brain, it's processed and filtered, giving us dynamic vision: adjusting for light imbalances, seeing quick motion, and so forth. In a sense, it does represent a "higher order of organization in the chaotic world around us". Evolution has worked billions of years to make this form of perception work so well. Seeing this internal process of your brain is a few steps more intense than looking in a microscope and seeing still blood cells.

    I've only had low dosages compared to the rest of the conversation, it's fascinating to hear about such trans-temporal experiences. Thank you!

  10. Syd Barret, White courtesy telephone.

  11. You get the uforia of wonderment... True, but for many it ends in the lie. Many families have lost their loved ones due to this.. lost forever.. Prisoners of their deranged fantasies.. Many eventually barely subsisting on the streets. You are lucky so far.

  12. Thumbprints are made up urban legend

    1. not so, thumb prints are very real, you just have to know the right people.

  13. Jeez, you're a wonderful writer, but the whole situation sounds pretty scary :/ i like me, and i do like to trip, but i can't imagine losing a part of me. I guess it's just an odd concept to try and wrap my head around, but i s'pose that's why you are capable of a print and i am not. "Do the drug, don't let the drug do you" is a quotation that's stuck with me pretty well

  14. So I read some early research was said to have shown doses of LSD > 4,000 mcg destroyed Brain Cell Myelin.

    I did not read in that short statement attributed to a published LSD researcher if this was Human Brain tissue or merely Mammalian.

    This concerned me as 28 years ago a couple of friends handed me a paper bindle with the residue of Crystal LSD from what had been 1/4 or 1/2 G . They offered it to me to try and where I suppose they expected me to lick the tip of my little finger and just dab it in . I, I suppose now rather selfishly licked the whole surface of the bindle clean....

    There was visible reside but I have no idea what actual volume this may have been. One especially distressing physiological event occurred after a short time. I suddenly lost the perception of Color.
    All I saw had a monochromatic tinge of a sort of washed out yellowish hue.. possibly just ocular fluid. This caused extreme panic and intense distress as I began considering I might never again be able to see Color.

    At this point I began to recoil and started stepping backward in a sort of instinctive escape like movement sort of in a spiral I guess trying to step away from myself when the Visible Spectrum of Light aka a Rainbow began to sort of flow out from between my Eyes at the center of my brow.

    As I pulled back recoiling this rainbow stayed in my field of vision and the further I pulled myself back the longer it became and wider it spread out when each of the individual colors began adhering to the various features such as Green sort of stuck to the Grass, Blue to the Sky etc..
    Well at that point I began to become self conscious as I was standing in San Lorenzo Park in Santa Cruz,CA on a weekday afternoon and felt I must look awfully weird walking backwards in a counter-clockwise spiral and that I couldn't keep that up until everything had its color back and when I stopped so did the rainbow and the fear I'd have to live like that..

    I've been trying to find the research mentioned in what I'd read and found this blog. Seeing recent posts I decided to chime in and see if anyone can find published research on physiological effects of extreme high does LSD.

    I was catatonic for days afterward. Went through some delusional moments during the event but have lived the intervening years without finding myself unable to own a home, deal with money, credit (729) ,work and people..

    I drive, enjoy music and food but I know I've been injured.
    I'd just like to have some factual basis to regard the possibilities.
    I understand Myelin can both repair and regrow and while its loss can lead to cell death and lesions cognition especially for people who already have large capacities like me may not be substantially impaired but still one likes to have facts..

    Take care.

    1. I appreciate your story.

    2. I suppose you are aware that LSD blocks serotonin, and that serotonin regulates color vision?

  15. I have experieced considerable "recoil" as well.

    Reconcilation with the material world, in general, by intellectually collating the more mundane / basic / and necessary interpretations of all this matter in flux can be daunting.

    So can the edge of a perceived psychotic expansion, or "bend".

    Too much, is too much, no foolin' there...

    And The Big Is, where all of the boundries dissolve is a forever moment.

    Also, the most transfomative, informative and challeging tools of growth that i have experienced.

    I'm only at 10 dose, pure, blotter, 1984 at a D'show level though...

    The Light IS US, Brothers...

    Blessings to All !

  16. Thumbprints are a myth no one on the shroomery or commenting here has done one. Lies.

    1. Maybe. There are definitely a lot of urban legends in the drug culture. My simple take is that if there are human beings and LSD in pure powder form, it probably has happened. And we certainly have some very high dose experiments, even if thumbprints and say, Robert Hunter's 0.250 gram experience are myth. These thread excerpts point to something that lines up with many people's experience on lower doses. It's what they are pointing to that is important.

    2. Is a thumb print a myth? I don't think so, but I couldn't tell you for sure. Is extremely high doses leading to days of oneness with the universe a myth? Most def not, as i've seen people trip that hard many times.

    3. You are definitely wrong.

    4. I've seen someone thumbprint. It's quite real and honestly a little sad.

  17. This was incredibly beautiful, thank you for sharing your experience.

  18. Amazing.

    A rich man given the option to continue his path or give up all his securities: you'll be poor, homeless, working for every dollar... but you'll experience emotions and understanding that you can't even begin to imagine.... You'll be something you never expected. Today... You make the decision on which path and there is no turning back. Back to your lifestyle as-is, or something magical....

    Metaphors.... to what it must be like psychologically to go on this journey.

    I'm not sure I'd be a strong enough person (physically) to take the route less traveled in the above scenario...let alone psychologically...

    Sounds like an amazing place... but perhaps one I'm not quite ready for! And isn't that the beauty of this world... we all are at different stages of our journey.... At that is OK!


  19. This story is pure fiction this is what happens with a very large dose of LSD or a "thumbprint"

    1. Thanks, interesting hard data. The case study describes 8 people at a party who thought they were snorting cocaine which turned out to be 80-90% pure LSD powder. Five of the 8 were in coma, there was some vomiting, and the bleeding at venipuncture sites was increased over normal. All recovered within 12 hours, but this is an important cautionary tale.

      My take on this is that the amount one can snort in two lines likely exceeds substantially the amount that would adhere to a portion of a damp thumb. Additionally, I would imagine that intranasal administration is much more efficient that oral administration. So these would have been like mega-mega-thumbprints.

      In the article they relate an example of a lethal dose for a mouse at 46mg/kg. They scale this up by bodyweight to around 14mg (14,000ug) for a human. Using more modern dose translation ( one would arrive at a figure of 200-225mg. According to "legend", Robert Hunter once took 250mg.

  20. Go to the site bluelight and ask in their psych discussion forum about the Chinacat thumbprint stories being fiction the people on that site will tell you what's up and how they're made up.

    1. People say things. Some are "true", some aren't. Who to believe, this cherry picked information or that? I certainly wouldn't want anyone dogmatically believing this stuff simply someone said it or because it is in print. The real message is the point of view reflected in the above quotes, which anyone who has had a significant psychedelic experience can relate to.

      For the curious, threads referred to are possibly:
      which references:

      And, I had never found it before, but here is Robert Hunter's reference from this page (not that it's "true"):
      "I saw it once after overdosing on a quarter million micrograms of acid at the Carousel Ballroom (NOT on purpose) in '69, which effectively marked paid to my acid career."

      It also occurs to me that regular users of LSD (which may have only occurred in the sixties) would have severe tolerances, not that it would help tremendously. On the rare occasions I ate mushrooms 2 days in a row, the 2nd day I would require 50% more. That's a fast and substantial tolerance.

  21. Again do more research and you'll find that the thumbprint story is total fiction. The author of the stories "Chinacat72" was lot trash and a total junkie who would sell doses just to stay high on coke/crack and heroin. But this is all public knowledge and easily found if you look for it.
    Read SKL's post at bluelight link.

  22. Your experience basically depicts prolonged a DMT blast off. Time and space become one as your energy travels through geometrically perfect dimensions. It is a beautiful complete outer body experience giving you back to the engineers of life and unlocking a higher consciousness. The first breathe of air taken after consciences is regained is like breathing for the first time while the surrounding world around is still spiraling up and down. The craziest part of free basing DMT is that the experience only last about 15 minutes and has no lingering effects. The sensation of death and rebirth as you described reminded me of the first time i broke through. It was completely overwhelming and enfolds at a rate that makes it difficult to comprehend anything. The more you blast off the more you take back with you as you regain consciousness. DMT can be found in almost every living thing and saturates our brains when we're born and die. IT breaks the illusion that we are forced to percieve and sheds light on the truth. Love is divine and as a whole human beings have drifted far from this notion. Seek truth and let light radiate through your prism.

  23. Extremely interesting, informative, well written.

    I have to read it in chunks to process it all, aha :)

  24. I do not know if you have already moved on to eternity, but let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for this post. Reading it I could only feel a sense of recognition. The faith that I have developed and the life I try to live, are reflected in your experience. It gives me great joy to see that I am not alone living and knowing this Truth. One day, I too will take a thumbprint, until that time, I try to live a life of Love and Compassion, knowing that one day in the future, this great experience awaits me. I thank God for leading me to this writing of yours, and in that I thank you and me, for we are One.

    I wish we could meet now, so I could sense your energy, and share the immense joy knowing that in the end, all there is is Love.

    Thank you,

    Wherever you are, i send you my deepest Love


  25. Using any drug at such excess does not lead to anything good. What can be learned from lsd is available at 100mcg-1mg doses. Doing more than that is overkill and dangerous as most minds likely cannot handle what would happen. It's a bad bad idea. Dont drink in excess. don't smoke in excess, don't trip in excess. Your mind is not working at optimum efficiency after that. Most Definitely not.

  26. Your mind's feelings no matter how strong, how certain, is not evidence that your believed take on reality is true. It's just another form of faith. Belief without evidence

  27. Are you guys gonna be OK, and, if not…… can I have all your stuff ? Stick with microdosing, folks. Watch the beginning of 'Trainspotting' again.

  28. I agree with Anonymous, who posted on February 13, 2013 at 1:20 AM & said:

    "This isn't a trip. This is an initiation rite."

    I was thinking the exact same thing as I read the original post.

  29. This is one jaw-dropping article!!! Thank you for reassuring us all, that the key to life is un-conditional love. Absolute gem!!!

  30. Thumbprints are true. O yea. Met a disgraced Harvard chemist in jail who described, as best he could.